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On Friday Dave finally got a chance to visit The Sausage Shoppe . This store was recommended to us by friends who also try to eat cleaner – meaning organic, hormone and antibiotic free. The Sausage Shoppe sells products that are hand-crafted and chemical-free.  Wow is all we can say. The bacon is good – not nearly as tasty as the bacon we get from the our Farm Co-op but still good. He also picked up bratwurst and pierogi’s – yes we know Dave loves pierogi’s. Last night we had the bratwurst – they were very tasty, and brought back memories of eating brat’s in Germany. In fact Dave’s whole purchasing experience was like being back in Germany — except with a twist. There was a newspaper there that he read and was flabbergasted – it had very narrow, bigoted views.  He almost felt like he was in a Nazi lair. However that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t go back to buy more.


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