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Chicken Broth

okay, i have this method that is less total time on the stove and i think it retains more flavor, but it also breaks down the collagen very well and gives you a good strong gel.  this is important because it’s that colloidal goop that soothes the digestive tract and strengthens your joints.

so joe picks the chicken, leaving all connective tissue in place, and i add water and acid (lemon juice, leftover wine, or apple cider vinegar).  if i am feeling industrious i might crack the marrow bones and disjoint any major pieces.  then simmer it gently for maybe an hour.  then i cover it and put it in the fridge (or outside when it’s definitely cold enough) to chill or freeze.  freezing is better because the freeze/thaw breaks the material down better.  then, reheat and simmer another hour or whatever.  then strain and chill.  leave the fat on top to protect it from air.

if you’re doing it on the stove, always stop while it still smells really good – if you wait too long the volatile flavor compounds will be reduced and you can get a less flavorful stock.  if that does happen, just boil it down to reduce it some, you get less but it’s a bit more concentrated.  crockpots are good because you can keep the temp so low, but i roast and make stock in the same wok, and the wok is easier to clean.


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