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The other day the momma board that I frequent – had a posting about which fruits and vegetables are worth buying in organic and which are not. In the day and age when food is taking up so much of our budget. It’s good to have this handy dandy list of when I should spend the money on organics.

Dirty dozen
1. peaches
2. apples
3. bell peppers
4. celery
5. nectarines
6. strawberries
7. cherries
8. lettuce
9. grapes
10. pears
11. spinach
12. potatoes

Buy organic!

-bell peppers (all colors)
-collard greens, salad greens, swish chard
-green beans
-winter squash

-peanuts (and peanut butter)
-soy foods

-apricots, nectarines, peaches
-grapes (imported and especially for children)

Ok to Buy Nonorganic

-broccoli, brussel spouts, cauliflower, cabbage
-corn, sweet (buy local)
-sweet potatoes
-tomatoes (buy local)

-beans, dried (buy local)
-macadamia nuts
-sesame seeds

-blueberries (buy local)
-cantaloupe (domestic only)
-grapes (domestic)
-grapefruit, tangerines

-butter: low pesticide levels, but residue are stored in fat and butter is nearly all fat
-cheese: mostly fat like butter; for children, only buy organic
-eggs: local pastured eggs from a farm are best; organic is next best choice; free range is third
-milk, yogurt: highly recommended to be organic


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City Fresh

We have embarked on a new journey of getting our food from a local food share program – the produce that is. We pay $20 a week for vegetables and fruit. We have been getting our $20 plus. Here is a snap shot of a recent share.

City Fresh Share from a few weeks back

City Fresh Share from a few weeks back

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